Church Administration

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Church Administration

St. Philip and All Saints is a Local Shared Ministry Parish in Timaru within the Diocese of Christchurch.

The Structure of Local Shared Ministry
The structure of Local Shared Ministry can seem quite complicated, but in fact it is structured just like a bike! All the parts are necessary to make it function properly.

Team Leader :  Indrea Alexander – steers us all in the right direction and keeps the pedals turning

Administrator : Anne Hopkins – keeps the two wheels together and is the contact point for both sections.

Front Wheel : the Vestry takes care of the Church and grounds and the day to day running of the church and paying the bills, etc. and is elected at an Annual General Meeting.
Warden :  Anne Hopkins (Bishop’s)
Warden : Bruce Weston (People’s)
Treasurer : Frances Spavin
Secretary : Anne Hopkins
Synod Rep. : Patsy Kelly and Revd. Pauline Geddes,

Lynley Simmons,  Revd. Eunice Penman and Lindsay Spavin,

Rear Wheel : The Ministry Support Team looks after the Spiritual needs. This team is chosen by the congregation at a “Calling”
Priests : Revd. Pauline Geddes and Revd. Eunice Penman
Deacons : Revd. Carolyn Sengelow and Revd. Margot Goodman
Administrator : Anne Hopkins
Worship Leader : Bruce Weston, Anne Hopkins, & Lynley Simmons
Funeral Minster : Lynley Simmons

LSM Enabler and/or Team Leader
Every LSM parish has a Diocesan appointed Enabler.  An Enabler works as :- A Spiritual director, a consultant/facilitator, an active encourager, supervisor, trouble-shooter, link with Diocese, empower, resource person, trainer.

The congregation calls from it’s midst those it discerns to have the gifts for particular areas of mission and ministry, following a framework set by the Diocese. Individuals are approached. The Ministry Support team is commissioned by the Bishop. A Ministry Enabler or Team Leader is appointed by the Bishop to guide the process and provide training and Leadership. Training is taken to each unit, rather than extracting people to a distant location to train them. The members of the Ministry Support Team are then Licensed.

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